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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Trail of Waste

As the new CRNC chairman comes onto the scene to survey the damage and pick up the pieces from ex-Chairman Gourley's reign, a few things have come to light:
  • For the most part, since January 2007 (if not sooner), Gourley has not been at the national CRNC office in Washington, DC, but back home in South Dakota. That's correct: South Dakota selling real estate with his father. Talk about working off-site.
  • In his absence, Amandra Hydro ran the office. But according to "officials" acquainted with the situation, the rumor is that she delved into CRNC funds to fund a trip she went on with her significant other. The rumor also goes on to say that she also, unilaterally, inflated her salary.
It would be interesting whether Mr. Smith discloses how much the previous administration wasted and whether there is any truth to these rumors.


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