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Thursday, March 30, 2006

CR Revered - Chairman Dan Carlson

CR Revered - We will be periodically showcasing prominent College Republicans across our nation: College Republican leaders that have made a difference within their communities, states, and nation.

It is my honor to present our 1st CR Revered
Chairman Dan Carlson of Michigan

Mr. Dan Carlson is currently the Chairman of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans. [Michigan CR Website]

He is currently a 1st year law student at Ava Maria Law School; and, during his undergrated, his field of study was History, with a minor in Classics.

When asked why Dan got involved in College Republicans, he stated:
"Kalamazoo College called me one day and asked if I wanted to start a CR group. It was a "do-nothing" job, and I was the only conservative they knew of on campus. I did start the group, built it into one of the largest in the state of michigan, and have been fighting the left since then."

He also believes that efficiency is the greatest challenge for any College Republican leader.

As for who he supports for the 2008 Presidential Election, Dan Carlson maintains that
"Michigan's policy will be to help any Republican candidate that asks for help."

Congratulations Dan Carlson for being ranked one of our own CR Revered.

Please send in your information to if you would like to be highlighted as one of our Revered College Republicans.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bona Fortuna

Good Luck goes out to all states having their convention this coming weekend.
States include: New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia.

May your convention weekend be corruption-free and filled with many memorable "social gatherings".

Carpe Cerevisi - Seize the beer!

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Andy Card Resigns

OMB Director Josh Bolten Named Successor

"Josh is a creative policy thinker," Bush said. "He is an expert on the budget and our economy. He is a man of candor and humor and directness. No person is better prepared for this important position."

"I'm deeply honored now by the opportunity to succeed Andy Card as White House chief of staff," Bolten responded. "I said, 'Succeed Andy Card, not replace him,' because he cannot be replaced."

Bush on Immigration

"Our immigrant heritage has enriched America's history. It continues to
shape our society. Each generation of immigrants brings a renewal to our
national character and adds vitality to our culture."
- President George W. Bush
at the Nationalization Ceremony, March 27, 2006

President Bush spoke on immigration yesterday, stressing that America is a symbol of liberty for immigrants across the world; and that liberty is a sign of confidence and success within America.

He also touched base on many new forms of aid to help new citizens succeed in America: outreach programs, english language courses, and a free official guide for immigrants that includes advice on how to find housing, employment, education and paying taxes.

Bush has laid out a comprehensive proposal for immigration reform including three (3) elements: Securing our borders, Improving interior enforcement, and Creating a temporary worker program.

[Immigration Video]

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Abramoff Ruins Sports for the Hill

As if Abramoff hadn't created enough scandal: he's also gone and ruined the National's chance of making a decent income from Capitol Hill.

"The Washington Nationals were a big hit on Capitol Hill last year. The return of a professional baseball team to the city after 33 years provided a new venue for lobbyists to entertain members of Congress and their staff at RFK Stadium, just 20 blocks east of the Capitol."

[Washington Post]

Thanks Jack, Thanks.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Gibson & Saddam: Twins Separated at Birth?

Is it just me, or does Mel Gibson look vaguely similar to Saddam Hussein?

Mel Gibson has been tipped by some Californian Republicans as the next showbiz governor of the state, in a bid to oust increasingly unpopular Arnold Schwarzenegger from office.

I hope he cleans up and shaves before said bid for office.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Moffett Wins Re-Election

Tennessee Chairwoman Lindsey Moffett narrowly defeated Evan Schlank of Vanderbilt today.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tennessee Thunder

Lindsay Moffett faces Vanderbilt Chairman Evan Schlank this weekend in a race with national implications.

The former beauty queen is a rumored candidate for Co-Chair of the CRNC in 2007.

If you like to read more:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rhode Island Candidate Announces

Rhode Island First Vice Chairman Tom Merrigan has announced his campaign for State Chairman with the following goals: "Chapters Established on each Campus, Strengthen Existing Chapters, Push for the passage of an Academic Bill of Rights, Publish a Statewide College Republican Newspaper, Design and Implement a 72 Hour Operation Task Force and Put forth an emphasis on the youth vote."

Tom's got the right priorities.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Letters and Daker's Successor

Remember the letter from CCR Chair Puetz to CRNC Chair Gourley? The one that just so happened to slip out to the California Executive Board? An establishment source within the California executive board (Shock!) noted that it was drafted not by Puetz, but no one other than former NYCR Chairman Dan Centinello.

Also, this past Saturday the Iowa College Republican Federation elected Bobby Kaufman. Congratulations!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Please welcome: Nick Carraway

Allow me to introduce my friend of many years (dare I say even before CRs). He is the sort of man that has a presence so radiant that tales are told about him. Some of them are true, many legend. His confidence and brilliance are exuding, but never an overstatement.

The substance definitely meets the form. My friends in DC once jokingly observed that Nick's attire and swaggar makes George Hamilton look like a vagabond.

He has been attending school for a number of years on the East Coast but oh, how he longs to return to his native Midwest.

A man of modest stature, but casting a long and endearing shadow...

Please welcome Nick Carraway.

CRNC Reunion at the Ohio State Convention?

Ever since Julie Corvo - State Chairman of Ohio - voted against the CRNC Budget at the National Meeting in December, both the Establishment and Opposition have been debundled about where her loyalty lies.

Sources say that the Ohio State Convention will have quite a few out-of-state visitors. It is rumored that CRNC Co-Chair Jess Beeson, CRNC Secretary Dan Schuberth, Blake Harris (Alabama State Chairman), and Hugh Derek Hall (Kentucky State Chairman) will all be in attendance.

Somehow, I don't think these particular people will be there to merely shake hands with the future candidate.

Looks as though there will be quite the national reunion in Ohio.

The Ohio State Convention will take place March 31st - April 2nd.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Sunday, March 12, 2006

CRNC Prestigious & Pariah Rankings

Keep on the look out for our Prestigious & Pariah Rankings. We will chronicle the most influential and powerful College Republicans across the nation, as well as the College Republicans that are on their way to being social outcasts. These rankings will continually change to coincide with the happenings of the CRNC.

CRNC Prestigious List

1. Eric Hoplin - He still manages to be the hand up the puppet's skirt by controlling the CRNC via Paul Gourley.
2. Jack Abramoff - You know you've made it big when you have a spread in Vanity Fair
3. Soren Dayton - Gets paid to work behind the scenes.
4. John Plecnik - A great asset as North Carolina's new Co-Chair.
5. Casey Phillips - Making waves with his Van Taylor win in Texas.
6. Nick Miccarelli - Proudly serving our country in Iraq and will be re-elected in a couple of weeks.
7. Tom Jardon - Has worked hard for the opposition and is continuing to do so.
8. .Paul Gourley - Spring Field Reps are definitely a benefit to the states.
9. Beau Correll - Not just another law student.
10. Dan Carlson - Working on a beneficial website idea for the CRNC to utilize.
11. Jon Thompson - North Carolina will see some greatly needed changes come April.
12. Mason Harrison - Doing California and Davidson proud.
13. Brandon Moody - Carrying Paul Gourley's purse has got to be a difficult task at any rate.
14. Eliza Vielma - Joining the State Chairman's club in April.
15. Chris Dempsey - The soft-spoken GA chair is to Alexander as Miltenberger is to Smith.
16. Andrew Lamar - Began the first ever fundraiser dedicated solely to CRFV. Initiative counts.
17. Garrett Brooks - Picks up steam on "both sides of the aisle" in the NE as a "moderate" CR.

18. Blake Harris - No chapter management may mean a challenge
19. Keith Gates - Flexing his muscles as South Caucus Chair.
20. T.J. Maloney - Role is ambiguous at this point.
21. Lindsay Moffett - Recent CRNC Vogue winner. Facing challenge from Vanderbilt.
22. .John Donnelly - Coming into his early April state race with a strong lead. Favored to prevail.
23. Jay McLaughlin - Finishing law school, his term as State Chair of Kansas, and his 7 years in College Republicans.
24. Brent Ludeman - Replacing Neil Uhrig in Washington.
25. Mike Miltenberger - Tom Jardon's sidekick and traveling companion.

CRNC Pariah List

1. George Higgins - Perhaps the grandiose visions should stay in the old noggin? Not wise Georgie boy.
2. Nate Walton - Pissing people off with his pretentious attitude one bar incident at a time.
3. Dan Centinello - Definitely has his hands in a few opposition decisions
4. Grant Hewitt - Likes the Hampster Dance and has possible ties in Vermont.
5. Truth Caucus - "He reports. He decides."

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Conservatives on the "Vagina Monologues"

National Outreach coordinator and CT fashiontista, Sarah Armstrong was recently quoted in the Washington Post commenting on the perinnial favorite: The Vagina Monologues.

Early last month, [Monique] Stuart joined a conference call with more than a dozen women's outreach directors from the College Republicans to talk about protesting the play, says Sarah Armstrong, the national women's outreach director. "We try to get good speakers who are not only real role models but who can help us in our states with increasing activism," Armstrong says. "She's coming from the same place we're coming from.

You can view the March 8th article here: [Washington Post]

National Updates

Since it seems that everyone loves to be "in the know" about other CR federations and their races, we thought we'd add a quick update:

The Yellowhammer State - AL
Blake Harris ran unopposed and took the spot as State Chair recently.

The Natural State - AR
Clint Tucker has an opponent but might just take the race...naturally.

The Grand Canyon State - AZ
Troy Hyde & Leading Arizona Forward are duking it out with Kara Karlson & Arizona Victory.

The Golden State - CA
Mason Harrison is unopposed and running a solid campaign.
[AccelerateCCR] It looks as though this "Golden Boy" might be a rising star in CR national politics.

The Sunshine State - FL
Florida has a contested election with Scott Wacholtz [University of Miami] and Erik Detlefsen [Stetson] running against each other for the Chairman's position of CRF. Wacholtz is currently the Vice Chairman of the College Republicans of Florida. Detlefsen is currently the Executive Director. Either one of these candidates will make a great State Chairman. Good Luck to Florida!

The Peach State - GA
As expected, Chris Dempsey is now the elected State Chair of Georgia.

The Aloha State - HI
Chad Stovell is the current leadership of Hawaii and is currently being courted by both the Establishment and Opposition.

The Prairie State - IL
John Donnelly is still holding down the fort in Illinois and will be taking over the state as expected.

The Sunflower State - KS
Jay McLaughlin will soon be graduating from law school and having a tequila shot contest to decide the next state board of Kansas.

The Pelican State - LA
Keith Gates will be running for re-election. Thus far, there is no competition, but the election is still a month away - April 8, 2006.

The Silver State - NV
George Higgins ran unopposed and won his State Chairmanship in re-election.

The Garden State - NJ
Frank Luna will be the new leadership in New Jersey, post election. Luna's got a great head on his shoulders and will be an asset to the opposition.

The Empire State - NY
The battle for the State Chairman's seat of NY continues between Rob Weitzman and Erin McTiernan. Who will reign supreme? I guess we will have to wait until election day to fitgure that out.

The Tar Heel State - NC
After an intriguing semester in North Carolina, a leadership has finally been chosen and they are adjusting well. John Plecnik, political mastermind, is currently the Co-Chair for their federation. Jon Thompson will soon be taking the seat of State Chair on April 8, 2006.

The Keystone State - PA
Nick Miccarelli remains overseas, but will soon be re-elected as State Chair of PA. He is running unopposed.

The Volunteer State - TN
Opposition player, Lindsay Moffett is running for re-election. She does have an opponent, but very little has been disclosed about him. Sources say that Moffett will sweep the election easily.

The Lone Star State - TX
A once heated race has now died down. Eliza Vielma will be elected on April 1, 2006 and will be mailing former opponent, Pascal Kropf, a box of Kleenex.

The Evergreen State - WA
Brent Ludeman, running unopposed, will be elected on April Fool's Day. He has been a guest on many media outlets, from Scarborough Country to Laura Ingraham.

The Badger State - WI
The lovley Miss Nicole Marklein will not be seeking re-election so that she can concentrate on her law school studies.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

A Gourley Spotting

Virginia - Just as Bigfoot roams the wilderness, Paul Gourley roams the United States. Gourley was spotted last night at a GMU College Republican meeting accompanied by Andrew Lamar (Current State Chairman of the Old Dominion).

Lamar has spent the past couple of days at GMU in the manner of helping their recruitment efforts. However, the purpose of Gourley's attendance at this function is still unknown.

Is the Establishment attempting to woe particular Opposition players? The preparation for 2007 seems to have commenced.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Whiskey & Rifles

Texas - The battle between Tucker Anderson and Van Taylor, has come to an end tonight. Taylor, the combat veteran, defeated Anderson by 2,541 votes; and, thereby, receiving 53.98% of the vote for U.S. Representative District 17. Maybe Gourley's best friend, Casey Phillips, can manage a campaign after all; but that will not suffice within the rumored Establishment v. Opposition battle in the Lonestar State.

Sources say that a large portion of the College Republican chapters in Texas will not be helping out the Van Taylor campaign this fall, due to Phillips "establishment affiliations".

Pass out the whiskey and rifles because a war is brewing in Texas.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sun Tzu is rolling his eyes.

Minnesota - After the recent defeat of Jardon and Miltenburger's Minnesota candidate who lost "only" by 25% of the MN vote there is a time of quiet reflection for opposition leaders. If you are unfamiliar with this massacre, the two state chairmen from Florida and Massachusetts flew all the way to the MN state convention. What they hoped to do there, one can only guess. You could only imagine chairmen from far away states flying in for your convention and telling you how to vote.

Anyways, the door that this may open is undeniable for opposition members. Once the out-of-state tinkering begins there is no going back. One side has a huge coffer of hundreds of thousands. The other? Daddy's credit card. My advice?

There are battlegrounds that one should dare not tread, certain tactics that are futile. They may awaken a dormant giant.

Never play your weaknesses to your opponent's strengths. Only use your strengths to weaknesses.

You are smarter than that.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stratagem in the Lonestar State

Texas CR's, and others across the College Republican nation, were dumbfounded to learn of the Pascal Kropf "drop out".

Sources say that, instead of attending the Texas State meeting yesterday, Kropf sent a letter via proxy to be read aloud to the attendees regarding his resignation from the Vice Chairman position and his "surprise" drop out from the race for State Chairmanship.

A question now presents itself: Why did Kropf both resign and drop out of a race with election less than a month away?

It is rumored that the Patroness of Texas, Eliza Vielma, had a particular press release from the Republican Party of Texas condemning Kropf for an incident that occurred in February. Apparently, the RPT was deeply involved with a House District Race in Austin, Texas and was seeking out volunteers during the weekend of CPAC. Kropf promised that a plethora of CR volunteers would come to the rescue and asked RPT to reserve 40 hotel rooms for said volunteers. No one showed, not even Kropf. This left RPT with a large bill to pay for the hotel rooms and a mean itch of retaliation to scratch.

Sources from Texas also state that the only schools that turned in their credentialing information correct and complete by midnight of the deadline were schools in complete support of Miss Vielma's A New TFCR ticket. A brief extention was given to the schools that attempted to turn in their information, but that would have left Kropf with the votes of merely a few schools.

Lesson learned: Don't mess with Texas.

Also, Happy Birthday goes out to Eliza Vielma, the now unopposed candidate for the State Chairmanship of Texas.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Kropf Drops Out and Dirty Martinis

Texas and Arizona- With a spectacular air of theater, Pascal Kropf dropped out of his race to be Chairman of the Texas College Republicans. Not only did Kropf drop out of the race, but he resigned his position as First Vice Chairman of the Texas Republicans to boot. Texas is one of the largest federations in the CRNC.

Sources close to the incident relate that Kropf was gaining momentum before the plunge. His opponent Eliza Vielma must have layed down a flying Macho Man Randy Savage piledriver from the top rope.

No one recovers from that.

Also, Arizona's Kara Karlson should stay away from Mr. Days (the restaurant across from Blackwell's Leadership Institute). Apparently she threw up on a bartender . . . from the second floor railing onto the unsuspecting fellow below.

Now that's what I call a dirty martini.

AZ Candidates:
"Leading Arizona Forward"- Troy Hyde

"Arizona Victory" - Kara Karlson

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Opposition Vacation Hot Spot: Minnesota's State Convention

Word on the street is that "Opposition National Players": Tommy Jardon (Florida) and Mike Miltenberger (Massachusetts) were in attendance at the Minnesota State Convention today.

Has Minnesota become the new vacationing spot for these opposition players or were they attempting to help their opposition Chairman Candidate, Dane Gallagher? According to sources, Gallagher received less than 30% of the vote.

The election resulted in Tyler Sunderman of St. Thomas College winning the Minnesota Chairmanship. Mr. Sunderman is the former Executive Director of the MNCR.

Congratulations Tyler Sunderman.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

CR TACTIC #2: Low meeting attendence?

Q: You love your CR meetings. So does all 15 of the people in the room with you. You're a chapter chairman and are asking, "How do I dramatically increase first-meeting attendence?"

Sometimes half of the battle is getting people there. Sure you could call people who showed up at the last meeting. You could even pass out flyers. These methods may have the personal touch to ensure longetivity of membership, but that's not what you need. You need warm bodies.

Try online tools such Facebook and MySpace. Facebook will be a little more precise in targeting, mainly because there is less eye candy in the profiles to distract from YOUR ad. For your campus the price probably ranges from $9 to $19 a day. For example, for a 5 day "College Republican Meeting in Grainger Hall at 7 PM. Be there!" announcment run broadcast to the University of Wisconsin the price is only $95.

How many times will your ad be seen? Plenty. 445,000 times.

Now you've got a room full of people that are interested. It's your job to keep them there.

Spring Reps: UPDATE

Washington, DC - After coaching the trainees at The Leadership Institute, the spring field reps are officially off with a bang. While little can be revealed at this time, 7 of the 9 will be trolling through different states assisting in campus development. 2 of the 9 will be exclusively assigned to Ohio and Pennsylvania. The attention on these two states is due primarily to their swing-state status in Presidential bouts as well as their competitive Senate Seats.