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Saturday, April 29, 2006

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Mason Harrison's appointment as Chairman of the California College Republican occurs tomorrow.

Connecticut elects new leadership today.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Donald Trump called...

...he wants his self-promotion back.

Monday, April 24, 2006

CR TACTIC #3: Campus Tea-Party

"A tribe of red men, axe in hand,--
Behold the guests advancing!
How fast the stragglers join the throng,
From stall and workshop gathered!"

Oliver Wendell Holmes
"A Ballad of the Boston Tea-Party"

As this blog has gained notoriety over the past few months, one certain e-mail from a reader has stuck in my head. The writer said that they were on the Exec board of a small chapter in Ohio. While their chapter received small donations from local contributors the liberals that run their campus student body are playing hide the ball with student funds. The campus body leadership had no problem giving funds to the Young Democrats, the Planned Parenthood student club, and Pirates and Ninjas club (yes, they exist). To the College Republicans they said "Take a Hike!"

My solution? Have a tea-party.

We're all active CRs in our chapter and we do the normal routine of going to meetings, having debates, and scrounging up enough money to bring David Horowitz to campus. If you're reading this blog you're probably a leader in your chapter or even a state federation. But why stop there? Every campus has a Student Government Organization (SGO). Theses SGO's set the pace for campus by hosting student-wide events. They host socials, dances, and everything under the sun. If your campus is anything like mine your SGO also brings speakers to campus and disburses thousands to student organization like the College Republicans.
As a College Republican you have the opportunity to take over these student-elected and student-run organizations. What? Take over you say?

You sure do. From the numerous campaigns you have worked on you are an operative. You know how to wage a GOTV effort to get friends and people you don't even know to the polls. You know all the little tips and tricks of grassroots politics that liberals have had a monopoly on for years.

Don't like the way your campus does things? Well, you got two choices. You can stay with CRs alone and live at the mercy of your SGO. Or, you can use the SGO for your own goals. Sure, you'll have to deal with liberals trying to block "Ann Coulter comes to campus and will make liberal cry Day". But that's just practice for the real world when we graduate. Might as well learn your craft at the next SGO meeting.

Get CRs in to SGO office.

April Prestigious & Pariah List

"All those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by
those who are dumber."
Plato (Ancient Greek Philosopher He was the world's
most influential philosopher. 428 BC-348 BC)

CRNC Prestigious List

1. Eric Hoplin - CRNC alumni that always keeps his hands in the batter.
2. Michael Davidson - Secretly making his way back into National CR Politics.
3. John Plecnik - And North Carolina flashes their muscles through censuring every living organism.
4. Paul Gourley - The new Carmen Sandiego.
5. Soren Dayton - Trying to make the Opposition kid tested and Chuck Norris approved.
6. Amanda Hydro - Running a tight CRNC ship.
7. Thomas Jardon - His gregarious personality may end up taking him far.
8. Eliza Vielma - Authored an anti-CRNC resolution and passed it with Gourley sitting in the audience.
9. Dan Schuberth - Traveling to other states in attempt to "create lasting friendships".
10. Mason Harrison - Will be taking over the reins in California next weekend.
11. George Higgins - Definitely showing Nevada what Grassroots Activism is all about.
12. The State of Wisconsin - A unanimous vote clamoring for reform in the CRNC seems to be the trend these days.
13. Beau Correll - He seems like he's disappeared, but sometimes I'd like to think he's secretly in the background looking over our shoulders.
14. Andrew Lamar - Doing great in Virginia, butloyaltiess are questionable.
15. John Donnelly - It will be interesting to see Illinois under the Donnelly Administration.
16. T.J. Maloney - Working diligently on a city council race in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
17. Blake Harris - Always stowed away, working behind the scenes.
18. Keith Gates - Can you smell what the Southern Caucus is cooking? Caucus Meetings are coming up soon.
19. Charlie Smith - A good man re-elected in Colorado.
20. Mike Miltenberger - Definitely a well known personality in the Opposition.
21. Brent Ludeman - Getting Washington together.
22. Brian Siler - Makes his travels to visit fellow State Chairmen friends.
23. Hugh Derek Hall - There has been a buzz about Hall lately. National Candidate material?
24. Natalie Cole - Fearlessly took over Mississippi.
25. Lindsay Moffett - Tennessee has stayed quiet.

CRNC Pariah List

1. The Whole State of Oklahoma - I don't think Oklahoma even knows what's going on..Surprising? I think not.
2. Brandon Hembree - Bribes + Gourley + Scandal = No State Chairmanship
3. Jess Beeson - Alcoholism, thy name is Beeson.
4. George Gunning - Soon to be featured on Maury in a segment called "My Pseudo-Political Consultant is Out of Control"
5. Grant Hewitt - Nevada isn't feelin your pimp juice...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pop rocks + Bubblicious = You guessed it.

Say you're the former state chair of the New York College Republican federation. Over the past few months you have felt the squeeze of your political base in your native state while you are far away in California, diddling out statements for the California CR Federation. You're underworked. You're underappreciated. You need a break.

So what do you do?

Put in your CD of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and gallavant the town with the chairman of Tennessee Lindsey Moffett.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

While We Were Away

Scott Strain was elected State Chairman of Nebraska, Ryan Brunner took control of Paul Gourley's old stomping grounds in South Dakota, Nick Pederson gained control of the other Dakota and Liz Lewis smoked out the competition in Maryland.


After Texas' gamble the previous weekend, two other Southern states joined the resolution fray ...

Brandon Hembree's resolution in support of the CRNC's fundraising transparency passed in Mississippi. Hembree later boasted of a $2,000 bribe from Paul Gourley himself.

The College Republicans in Mississippi didn't like that too much and decided to throw Hembree out of office by electing Natalie Cole their new State Chairman.

Jon Thompson got elected in North Carolina, but only after the state had condemned every living organism known to man. New slogan: Don't Mess with North Carolina.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Election Results for April 7-9, 2006

To the Elected & Re-elected State Chairmen & Chairwoman

John Burris - Arkansas
Mike Keough - D.C.
Scott Wacholtz - Florida
John Donnelly - Illinois
Hugh Derek Hall - Kentucky
Nate Walton - Maine
Natalie Cole - Mississippi
Justin Smith - Missouri
Will Selph - Montana
Jon Thompson - North Carolina
John Swanson - Oregon
Vic Bailey - South Carolina

CR Revered - Chairman George Higgins

It is my honor to present CR Revered
Chairman George R. Higgins of Nevada

Mr. George R. Higgins is currently the Chairman of the College Republicans of Nevada. [Nevada CR Website]

He is currently a Senior at UNR and majors in Business Management.

When asked why George got involved in College Republicans, he stated: "I have always loved politics. I decided I was going to be a Republican when Iwas 4, but in College, I decided I needed to get more involved and make sure Republicans won. It didn't hurt that the College Republicans always had great girls all over the place."

George believes that the greatest challenge for College Republican leaders is infighting.

He goes on to state, "Infighting in any organization is never good, but politics seems to have more than enough. The personal agenda's of every member seem to trump the agenda of the organization; all to often, CR's don't realize that when the groups agenda is achieved, the individual members are rewarded. In my experience, thereward is much greater if a team effort caused a victory. The best CR leaders are the ones that can move beyond the childish infighting and pursue the broadvision of the organization."

When asked about where he sees the CRNC in 2 years, George replied "College Republicans have not come close to reaching their full potential nationwide. With new technologies blocking normal means of campaigns, more volunteers are needed to get the job done. People throw away junk mail, fast-forward through the commercials (thanks to DVR), and don't listen to automated phone calls. The best medium today is a personal contact with a dedicated supporter of a candidate and party. Candidates can't ask for anything better than an energetic College Republican ready to take on theworld.

The CRNC can be successful in motivating growth and expansion by increasing the amount of people in the field helping states recruit and integrate members into the Republican organization. A leader that can move past petty bickering will see a tremendous growth and College Republicans will deserve credit for winning in 2006 and 2008 as the premiere grassroots organization in America."

George's big plans for Nevada during the 2006 campaign season:

"We have a two pronged mission, first to provide an education to counter theliberal bias on campus. Student need to realize that an 'open mind' and a 'liberal mind' are not equal. We will use a mixture of well planned events and newspapers like the Pack Patriot to achieve this goal. The other part of our mission is classic College Republicans in which we provide Votes, Volunteers, and Earned Media for Republican candidates. We are the able bodied volunteers to find out what issues are important to the voters and then get those same ones to the polls on Election Day. College Republicans have no problem getting on TV because we make for interesting news, so we will continue planning events with the intention of exciting the media, for the overall benefit of the party."

After questioned as to what his greatest achievements in College Republicans were, he firmly stated, "When I was a CRNC field rep in 2004, I had the opportunity to return to my homecampus to plan and carry out one of the largest rallies to counter MichaelMoore; the day before George W Bush visited Reno. We were able to move past University administration and carry out a very successful event.

During the 2004 election season, I was fortunate to recruit a great group of conservatives to become College Republican leaders. Following the victory in November, we continued our momentum and founded a conservative newspaper called the [Pack Patriot]. To this day, the Pack Patriot invigorates campus and gives all students an alternative to the obvious liberal bias."

As for who George Higgin's supports for the 2008 Presidential Election, he states "I have not made up my mind yet; I am much more interested in making sure wesecure a new Republican administration in Nevada."

Congratulations to George Higgins for being ranked one of our own CR Revered.


If you would like to be considered and hopefully highlighted as one of our CR Revered, please email Cameron Roark for our survey.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Your Mom Goes to State Conventions...

It looks as though the State Convention season is gearing up.

How many out-of-staters will be in attendance at these conventions?
Will other states follow suit and pass similar resolutions to the one passed in Texas this past weekend?

Here comes yet another weekend of drunken College Republican greatness.

States having conventions this weekend: Arkansas, D.C., Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Maryland, Missouri, Oregon, and North Carolina.

The Man, The Hard Roar, MR. ROARK

Monday, April 03, 2006

Suggestions for Reform

The Lonestar State, under the leadership of Eliza Vielma, passed this resolution at their convention on Saturday. Every state should pass their own resolution. It displays a great effort in attempting to bring about neccessary reforms that may make the CRNC a more cohesive political organization.

Texas Federation of College Republicans
Author: Eliza Vielma, State Chair of Texas


Whereas the College Republican National Committee would not exist without individual state federations; and,

Whereas, the College Republican Executive Board should fully disclose and inform state federations of all aspects of the official business of the CRNC; and,

Whereas, CRNC fundraising efforts take advantage of donors within individual states which should rightfully be shared with their respected state federations; and,

Whereas, the College Republican National Board has had a recent history of questionable activities, leadership, and elections;

Therefore, let it be resolved that the College Republican Executive Board must provide the Texas Federation of College Republicans, and other state federations, with full reports disclosing all detailed fiscal information, including but not limiting: donations, fundraising efforts, and budgets for the CRNC; and,

Therefore, let it further be resolved that the College Republican National Board must distribute 1/3rd of donations collected from all fundraising efforts to the state federation from which any donor is a resident; and,

Therefore, let it further be resolved that the CRNC approve a constitutional amendment that guarantees, in case of dispute of the result of a CRNC election, that if 1/3rd of the delegates or states dispute the result of the election, the CRNC must contract to the American Arbitration Association in order to assure that the election proceeded in accordance to normal election ethics.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Election Results Just In!

To the now State Chairmen & Chairwoman ELECT

Frank Luna - New Jersey
Brian Siler - Ohio
Eliza Vielma - Texas
Brent Ludeman - Washington
Brian Dayton - West Virginia