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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Please welcome: Cameron Roark

As I was driving to work today, I gazed upon a vast ebbing body of water much like the picture you see. The view was all too ordinary, yet not so ordinary as to lose meaning.

There is not much of a difference between a sunrise or a sunset. Were one to awake at polar ends of the day and behold the same sight, it would nearly be the same. The only difference would be the direction that it originates.

You and I gaze out to visions that could be interpreted one of two ways: either as a sunrise or a sunset.

It could be growing darker in a few moments. The light may be dimming. It may mean there there is darkness ahead. The malaise could be inescapable.

The light may soon give notice that the day will begin anew, also. With opportunity. With optimism.

Look again. What do you see now?

To us, it is rising.

Please welcome Cameron Roark.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spring Field Reps

Washington, DC - The Spring CRNC field rep program is current on task, being organized by ED Amanda Hydro. The training lasts approx. 2-3 days with the CRNC staff "reviewing the performance of the trainees." After the learning/review phase, the respective field reps will be assigned to a state to assist in campus CR development.

This spring there will be 9 field reps which are roughly on target for the promises made to various state delegations for last year's election.

Details forthcoming...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Harrison for California Chair

Recently, launched is the campaign website for CCR with Mason Harrison at the top of the ticket.

Your day has come John Fogerty.

So far, Harrison, a junior at UC-Davis has no serious contenders.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NY State Convention

New York, New York - It was just announced that the New York state convention will be held at Hofstra University on April 23rd. While one prominant CR blog maintains that there are 3 contenders, the blog fails to mention that only 2 are viable. Backus also supports Weitzman.

Michael Pomarico, outspoken critic of Paul Gourley and former NC chairman, is currently in his first year of law school there.

Monday, February 20, 2006

There's got to be perks...

National Chair Paul Gourley recently returned from a trip to Israel. The trip lasted about 10 days and was underwritten by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The press release stated that Gourley is a graduate of the University of South Dakota and served as an honorary chair of the AIPAC mission. The mission included an introduction to foreign affairs issues affecting Israel.

"Israel is a beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East," said Gourley, who was joined by several of his Republican board members.

This was the first non-Jewish trip sponsored by AIPAC.

A source familiar with the trip remarked that the Goldstar was not preferred during the outings.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Bryan Shuy

Happy Birthday goes out to Bryan Shuy. Shuy, a MD party insider and former MDCR Chair, is most known (perhaps notoriously) for his role in "CR Vets for Truth", the CR equivalent to "Swift Boat Veterns for Truth".

The past year he has been a claims adjuster in 'Bama raking in boo-koo bank.

Rumors circulate that he is planning to return to the national scene in '07.


Q: Have a grassroots effort in a few days, but short of funds?

Try contacting college polisci departments or social studies high school teachers. They frequently give extra credit to their pupils for volunteering for a local campaign. While the pupils may not have the same sense of direction as campaign staff, you may want to pair them with one so they get proper direction in canvassing efforts.

National Secretary and Maine Chairman

Maine Republican Party Vice Chairman and National CR Secretary Dan Schuberth issued this, pre-CPAC, press release:

"First, College Republican State Chairman Nathaniel Walton (Bates '08) announced that 104 Republican students representing 19 Maine colleges and high schools are scheduled to attend the 2006 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week in Washington, DC. This represents the largest state delegation out of the 50 states that are sending participants to the convention, and is unprecedented in the recent history of the Maine Republican Party."

One could only wonder if Walton hollered at the high-schoolers from MaineFest drinking all his livations just like he did to LACR Keith Gates and KYCR Hugh Hall.

Davidson Protege on Liberal Bias

Mason Harrison, practical shoe-in for California CR chair, takes on liberal bias.

UC Davis, California- "Despite a feeling of being unable to voice their dissenting opinions in classes, many conservatives interviewed said the strongly liberal political climate has encouraged and strengthened their beliefs. Having to back up and support unpopular beliefs has led many to a higher state of conservatism, where they are able to rebuff emotional and uninformed ideas with substantial claims.

Mason Harrison, a junior political science major, said he has been able to gain the respect of a lot of the students in his classes by backing up his beliefs.

"'We have a right to not be belittled by our teachers," he said. "It's made me more vigilant in the fight for student rights.'"

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Casey Phillips in the News (kinda)

Texas - This just in, former South Dakota CR chair recently became a campaign staffer to congressional candidate Van Taylor in Austin, Texas. The Van Taylor race is among the most watched in the country.

Van Taylor was recently spotted by a Politico on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews. One could only imagine Phillips off-camera, whispering the game plan.


Van Taylor is the one of the far right.

The Bout (Rob Lee v. Grant Hewitt)

Reno, Nevada - Two CR personalities are giving the 'old college try in a Nevada Gubernatorial Primary. Both are taking leadership roles in the races pitting Rep. Jim "Pugsly" Gibbons versus Lt. Gov. Lorraine "Morticia" Hunt.

In one corner, former Nevada ED Rob Lee. This political dynamo is ready, and all so willing to thrash the oppositon. This is his backyard, and he knows it as well as ... his own backyard.

In the other?

Former Texas ED and former Kilgore-aide Grant Hewitt. This operative adapts fast to new terrain.

In this gubernatorial primary - who will win?

Answer: Probably Adams Family comparisons.

Au Revoir

After training at Camp Shelby for a period of time, Pennsylvania CR Miccarelli to ship off.

Local Guardsman Heading Off To Iraq

PHILADELPHIA Instead of getting ready to go back to class, a local college student is getting ready to go to war. Karen Adams reports on one young man who is answering the call to duty.“I'm able-bodied, so I feel like it's my responsibility,” said Sgt. Nick Miccarelli of the Pennsylvania National Guard.Miccarelli, who served in Kosovo in 2003, volunteered to join his fellow guardsmen with Philadelphia's 1st City Troop in Iraq. “It's come to the point where so many of my friends and my comrades are over there, and that they need help. And I would feel remiss if I didn't go,” he said.

Three guardsmen with his troop have paid the ultimate price fighting for democracy in Iraq.

The University of Pennsylvania senior comes from a long list of servicemen, so it is no surprise that he is following in those footsteps.

"My Uncle Miccarelli drove Patton's Jeep,” said Miccarelli.

His father fought in the Korean War, another uncle served in Vietnam, and the list goes on.Miccarelli leaves for Camp Shelby in Mississippi for training next Sunday before heading to Iraq. His friends and family threw a party this past Wednesday to wish him well.

"He's got that patriotic streak down his back like the Miccarelli's and I feel very proud," said his father, Nick Miccarelli, II.

Miccarelli’s girlfriend, Mary Longon said, "I fully support him. It's something that I knew when I signed on to dating him. I love that part of him. He's always looking out for other people."

His mom is proud as well, but she also has a mother’s concern.“As a mother, I don't want him to go,” she said.

Miccarelli will only be serving six months in Iraq and his family will be looking forward to the day they welcome their son home.